Las proteínas


Proteins are essential components of all cells in the body; they are macronutrients of 22 «building blocks» called amino acids.

In module 1 of the School of Healthy Eating that we offer free online every week, we talk about protein.

Proteins have different functions in the body, such as contributing to the increase of muscle mass and the maintenance of bones under normal conditions. Without enough protein, it can be difficult to maintain a balanced diet and achieve your goals.

Make sure that at least 30% of your daily calorie intake comes from protein. During exercise, your body needs more protein to build and maintain muscle mass. Therefore, keep in mind that protein needs may differ.

An active man who consumes up to 2000 kcal per day * and wants to increase his muscle mass should aim for up to 150 g1 of protein in his daily diet. For a woman who consumes up to 1400 kcal a day and wants to control her weight, the recommendation would be between 52 and 105 g2 of protein.

Proteins, animal or vegetable?

A combination of plant and animal protein sources every day. Soy is one of the best plant sources, since it is «complete» proteins that provide all the essential amino acids.

Since other plant sources of protein such as nuts, seeds and lentils are not “complete proteins”, try to combine them to obtain a better ratio of amino acids.

Regarding protein of animal origin, the following high-quality sources should be mentioned: fish, poultry, eggs and skimmed dairy, which also provide valuable nutrients such as iron, zinc and vitamins of group B.

Boost your breakfast

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