Herbalife Nutrition Philosophy

Herbalife’s nutrition philosophy is based on balanced nutrition, leading a healthy and active life, and following a personalized program with the help of a Personal Wellness Coach, your Independent Herbalife Member.

The Herbalife nutrition philosophy helps change the nutrition habits of everyone, person after person.

Balanced nutrition is based on consuming a healthy combination of protein, carbohydrates, beneficial fats, and other nutrients, many of which are found in Herbalife products, backed by science.

A healthy and active life includes exercise, rest, hydration and a personalized program with individual and collective support.

Herbalife does not propose to eliminate a food group or drastically change your calorie intake overnight. Good nutrition is all about getting the balance right.

Your Herbalife Personal Wellness Coach will help you learn the basics and how Herbalife products, backed by science, can help you meet your daily needs easily and effectively.

Herbalife Nutrition Philosophy We believe in supporting each other to move toward our personal goals. As Personal Wellness Coaches, Herbalife Members are on hand to offer guidance and assistance at every step.

An Herbalife Member selects a program tailored to their clients’ goals, monitors the results, and celebrates victories, big or small.

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