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We solve your doubts about carbohydrates.


In the last few decades, carbohydrates have gone from being praised to becoming the enemy of weight management. But is this controversial macronutrient really bad? For Susan Bowerman, Herbalife Director of Nutrition Training, it may just be a misunderstanding.

People who follow a diet with little or no carbohydrates usually do without the main sources such as bread, pasta and potatoes, but did you know that there are also hidden carbohydrates in many other foods?

Susan explains that «There are many foods that provide carbohydrates, which is good because carbohydrates are the fuel for the body.»

However, Susan does not hesitate to point out that not all carbohydrates are created equal. While explaining that the least processed carbohydrates are the most beneficial, he lists fruit, vegetables, legumes and whole grains as the best options.

«In addition to carbohydrates, these foods provide vitamins and minerals and, in the case of plant foods, they also provide fiber.»

The carbohydrates to avoid are highly processed and refined ones; present in cakes, cookies, white pasta and white bread, along with some salty foods like pizzas, to name a few.

«These foods contribute little to the body apart from calories, so the logical thing is to satisfy our carbohydrate needs with healthier foods, since they also contain many other nutrients.»


Many people do not know that fiber is a type of carbohydrate and that it is considered one of the most important dietary factors.1 It is present in foods such as fruits, vegetables, vegetables, and cereals.

It is recommended that adults consume 25 g of fiber per day 2, but most people do not meet this recommendation.3 Including foods rich in fiber and fiber supplements in our daily diet can help us feel the benefits of this nutrient.

Try Herbalife’s Oatmeal Apple Fiber Drink, a moderate calorie product that provides 5g of fiber per serving. Does it seem little to you? Well, it is also delicious and without sugar!


Substitute two meals a day for your favorite Formula 1 shake 4, plus a daily serving of Herbalife Oatmeal, Apple and Fiber drink to increase your daily fiber intake.

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1 The fiber of oats helps to increase the volume of stool.
2 EASA Study on Diet Products, Nutrition and Allergies (NDA). EASA Journal 2010; 8 (3): 1462.
3 73% of men and 87% of women do not get the recommended daily amount of fiber: National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDND, for its acronym in English); volume 2, 2003.
4 Replacing two of your main meals a day with meal replacements helps you lose weight.