De la semilla a la mesa

Herbalife from seed to table

From seed to table, quality products made for you

Herbalife Nutrition, we identify the needs of our customers and combine the conclusions we reached with the latest advances in science.
Next, our university PhDs, scientists, and nutritionists collaborate with world-class partners to provide better nutrition for customers.

From seed to table

Herbalife Nutrition has invested heavily in new laboratories, testing equipment, facilities, ingredients, and scientific talent to meet the rigorous standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and NSF International.

Our goal is to make it easy to have balanced nutrition. To do this, we decided to invest in science.

Our Scientific Leaders (including David Heber, Ph.D. and Chairman of the Herbalife Nutrition Nutrition Advisory Council) have spent the past thirty years creating high-quality, moderate-calorie products to make your new healthy eating plan a little easier.

From seed to table

From a Nobel laureate * to a former FDA director **, each member of the Nutrition Advisory Council is an authority in their field. By combining their experience, they work to give you confidence in our products and ensure that the science behind them is documented and corroborated by clinical trials.

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Ingredients chosen with criteria

We are committed to responsible agriculture and advanced production methods to produce the best possible products.

We have a team of scientists and manufacturers from around the world dedicated to uniquely identifying the best of ingredient sources.

Products made with care

We do our best to ensure that Herbalife Nutrition products meet or exceed industry quality standards.

You can trust the purity and value of each of our ingredients, as well as the integrity of our processes.

We offer you the best in nutrition

Thanks to the use of advanced technology, we carefully monitor the environment in which our products are stored, ensuring
that when you receive them, they continue to be as beneficial and effective as when they were produced.