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Healthy breakfast Herbalife

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Healthy breakfast Herbalife can give you the nutrition your body needs. Breakfast should cover approximately 20-25% of the daily nutritional needs. Also, remember that it is not about having just any breakfast, but about having a healthy breakfast.


Are you short of time? It takes less than 1 minute to make a Formula 1 shake – a healthy breakfast to have at home, at work or on the go. This quick-to-make shake is available in various flavors and provides 17-19g of protein and less than 230kcal per serving, as well as contributing to the RDA for fiber and providing vitamins and minerals2. Add fruit, nuts, and herbs for a more creative smoothie.


Wake up to a refreshing Instant Tea Drink to give yourself a boost when you need it most. The instant tea-based drink, available in various flavors to enjoy hot or cold, it is low in calories (only 6 kcal per serving).


Give your infusion a special touch with Aloe Herbal Concentrate: a delicious and low calorie alternative to sugary drinks. Contains 40% aloe vera leaf juice. Just add it to water to help you reach the recommended fluid intake of 2 to 2.5 liters per day.

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A delicious way to increase your daily intake and facilitate healthy digestion1 is the Herbalife Oatmeal Apple Fiber Drink, which provides 5g fiber and just 15kcal per serving. Add fiber to your Formula 1 shake!

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