Cinco hábitos para empezar el día

Five habits to start the day

Nutrifitmarbella healthy tips

The way we start the day often influences its development. Many of us now have more time in the morning and we can create habits that help us take care of ourselves and be happier.

Get off on the right foot with these simple tips!

Fuel for the day

As we already know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The body needs good fuel to start the day on the right foot. A nutrient-dense breakfast high in protein and complex carbohydrates effectively replenishes the nutrients your body needs after an overnight fast.

It is convenient to take foods such as cereals, fruit, vegetables, eggs, or a Greek yogurt. If you struggle to eat a consistent breakfast, you can still get your essential proteins, vitamins and minerals with a delicious smoothie. With summer just around the corner, try one of our favorite Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 shakes: Fruits of the Forest F1.

Morning cup of tea

Many of us love to have a coffee in the morning. However, because of the breath that coffee leaves, it may be time to make a change. We have the ideal solution: a herbal tea! Enjoy an invigorating

herbal tea when you wake up. To get started with herbal teas, we recommend you try one of our Instant Herbal Drinks. Our infusions are low in calories and contain caffeine to increase alertness and improve concentration. In addition, they can be taken hot or cold.

Well-being to be happy

Internal nutrition is as important as external nutrition. Vitamins C and E protect cells against oxidative stress. Try to apply antioxidant-rich skin care products regularly.

There are free radicals everywhere; they are even created by the body itself. It is imperative to apply antioxidant-rich skin care products every morning. Sun protection is especially important before leaving the house each morning, as we are always exposed to sunlight, even when it is cloudy. That’s why, regardless of the weather, our Moisturizing Cream with SPF 30 is a perfect complement to your morning beauty habits.

Water: the key to well-being

You already know the importance of water and of keeping the body hydrated. When we wake up, the body needs to replace the water it used during the night, so adding water to breakfast helps us always achieve an adequate water intake. On the other hand, when we are dehydrated, we do not feel full.

To get creative with your water intake, try flavored water for an extra high in the morning. A great example is Mango Flavored Aloe Herbal Concentrate, which can give your water a refreshing citrus touch. So get into the habit of drinking a good glass of water when you get up.

Morning exercise

The morning is perfect to take care of yourself by exercising. Set aside time for a morning walk, a short ten-minute workout, or even a bike ride around the neighborhood. There is nothing like that improvement in mood and that glow that remains after exercise to be more youthful and radiant at the beginning of the day.

So get used to not staying those «five more minutes» in bed. Put the alarm clock across the room so that you have to get out of bed to turn it off. It seems like torture to you, right? But, when you feel the beneficial effect, you will be glad you did.

Start each day by following these morning habits and you will start to love your mornings. It is important to take care of the body and the skin. Remember: the more you take care of them, the prettier they will look.

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