Dietas extremas

Extreme diets

The most classic extreme diets are those very low in calories, those that are based on eating few types of food for a week, almost total fasts, those that only allow vegetable smoothies for days, those that totally eliminate certain types of foods, some called «detox», those that promise to lose 5-10kg in a week, and so on.

Although you lose a lot of weight in a few days, the truth is that these diets not only eliminate fat, but a lot of lean mass, which is what helps us have a good metabolism, be more toned and burn more calories at rest.

Therefore, you lose some fat but also muscle, which means that when you return to eating in a «normal» way, you gain weight immediately, and frequently take on a few extra pounds, the well-known rebound effects.

In conclusion: Do not do extreme diets because you annihilate your metabolism, they involve a sacrifice that will make you suffer, and you will feel even worse when you regain the previous weight after so much effort plus some extra.

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