Herbalife activo y saludable

Active and healthy Herbalife

Feeling good is in your hands

Do you pay attention to the lifestyle you lead?

Stress and sedentary lifestyle, typical of modern life, are the main promoters of obesity, a problem declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) and that affects developed countries as well as those in the process of being so without distinction.

70% of the world’s population does not have the habit of practicing physical activities, while America * is the continent with the highest rate of obesity and overweight in the world; with 62% and 26%, respectively **.

Lack of physical activity has ceased to be a merely aesthetic concern and has become a serious public health problem.

Overwork, worries and the little time available per day, take time away from the programming of a healthy diet, allowing the offer of food rich in calories, poor in nutrients and low cost, to be ever greater and easier. access for people.

The United States is a country with the highest rate of obesity and overweight in the world and its influence on the rest of the continent is undeniable.

Source: World Health Organization

The formula to feel good:

Balanced Nutrition Physical Activity

Having a balanced diet, with healthy meals that include all the nutrients that the body needs to fulfill its functions in an ideal way, is essential to live each day with energy and feel good.

Moderate physical activity practiced daily is the ideal complement to a quality diet. Both points will allow you to have a strong body and better prepared for the day to day and also help you live full of well-being, which promotes a better quality of life in the long term.

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